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Fees, Bursaries and eligibility

Instrumentalists up to and including 16 years old are eligible to attend


Symphony Orchestra:

Residential: £665

Non-residential: £445

Training Orchestra:

Residential: £645

Non-residential: £435

Please note that these prices will change in February 2020.


NPSO gives a reduction of 10% for second children.

The ITrust (the IAPS Charitable Trust) supports NPSO by granting bursaries that directly fund places for pupils attending IAPS schools. Parents who wish to apply for a bursary from the ITrust may request the relevant contact details from NPSO ([email protected]) .

The Westminster Chamber Orchestra Trust also supports NPSO by granting similar bursaries.  Pupils from ANY school may qualify for these bursaries . Please apply by requesting the relevant contact details from NPSO.



Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Course is cancelled